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Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
to a more non-robust military mission, it may require it -- i don't know, but i think we need a new legal framework for the post-9/11 world. and i think we have pieces of policies that are cobbled together. the patriot act, which is highly controversial. it all just sort of works. but there are serious issues about interrogation policies. and as i have said, i have strongly spoken to john mccain about that. and there are also other issues on how we do these intelligence missions. we have rogue actors who tried it attack borders, we have many different kinds of challenges. i think many will want to look at this. this includes a member of the cia external board. i would personally want to contribute to that legislation and we will want to work closer. >> okay, the first phone call we have is from bob from chicago. >> caller: hello, you just touched on 2009 end it was quite controversial at that time. there was supported rendition like drones and so forth that were part of the administration program that the democrats criticized at that time. obama has now institutionalized those programs. i
Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
much now part of the enforcement picture. i don't think that there's any question but that the funding of immigration agencies and enforcement functions is going to -- it's probably not going to decrease but it's certainly likely to be on a straight line. so straight-line funding, it leads to far more focus on efficiency and effective programs. looking in at outcomes measuring and assessing the evaluation etc.. that keeps you within the box of what is presently going on so i think that's going to be happening in any event. obviously if the congress decides on a much bigger redesign of immigration, there will be very strong cost implications and there will be different ways that this enforcement machinery can be used to enforce the law but also to implement changes and relieve some of the pressure from the enforcement that is presently -- >> if i may go back on this question and how it's been raised because that's an extremely important question. i think doris you are basically saying the -- such that we are going to continue with very large numbers, removal of detention etc. etc. etc.
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
armed conflict that is engaging so many governments? i don't have the answer to that, but what i do know is we better understand how it even works. it not just about denying both to 1325. they probably also did 1325. lipservice is a very interesting thing to study. and we have that work now a blatant example of saint lipservice to a major u.n. was aleutian that they are obligated to abide by and many of them voted for and yet, without seeing any embarrassment to help negotiate a process that shut women not to room. so i am going to and at that point and we can have a good conversation. yes, please stand. [inaudible] >> we need mics. there you go. jump ahead here. >> i work for a women's international league for peace and freedom and cynthia has been a long-time member and influencer of our work. for almost 98 years old of a women's peace organization that was started of women that came together to add world war i. you might know jane addams and our comrade, but it has continued in the work continues not only at an international level, but a local level. our colleagues in congo, for examp
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm EST
we do needs to be based upon the needs of the people. and i don't mean the political will of the people. i mean off of a down into the camps and communities and on the fire. if to the extent we are contributing resources to empower and enable a capacity built within the country itself and then get the heck out of the way, i think we'll be doing the right thing. but it can't be what we think is right. absolutely has to be determination of the people were working with. finally, you'll forget me. shakespeare was being ironic when he said to kill all the lawyers. i'm a lawyer by training. i absolutely believe what needs to be done alongside and i don't think we should be worried about tackling it in haiti is to deal effectively and aggressively with land rights issues, while the plot issues, secure tenure issues. people say it can't be done. i can say can be done anywhere in the world. it made remarkable progress in haiti and i ask you at the end of this to join me in continuing this effort. those efforts are critical to what paul was talking about, which is meeting the c
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
with the drafters, just ruling that we don't know why they have not done that and probably it's not our place to say if that's a good or bad idea. how much lee way does the administration have to make policy without legislation is a big question. .. we're not going to count to see these things that you care about. what can i give you a free ride, a little time to figure out. >> i have one item to jonathan's list of policies that have been conflictual, socialist invention of the subtle dimension in its rate to were, which is huge in a lot of ways and i think to be seen to things over the coming years of american federalism. one is distasteful split on more and more of these issues along sectional lines and second, among the states and the federal government that will become more conflictual and i believe that's all to the good. >> will receive complete hodgepodge of coalitions on different issues? are we seeing a different pattern quick >> no, i haven't followed the mayor wanted name, but if you look at labor, the environment playing out that way, a variety of social and cultural issues is always, im
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5